Re: Unfurling the Battle Banner of the EWF

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_TS1c9KK7v846fMwGcIVBHReUzRisqYwQaKMSFytqqf4qE3IkORoq5DQI9Cp8bs6cZxg->
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 17:22:22 -0000

> So King of Sartar gives us a couple of powers exhibited by the Battle
> Banner, but where did it go after it was lost, and where did Argrath
> get it from?
> Was it the secret of Argrath's draconic powers or a facet of them? Was
> it tied to the Dragonrise? And how exactly do we reconcile quantum and
> particle physics?

This is a great question to ask Greg, Loz and myself at the Tentacles Glorantha Panel. You might get an answer, or maybe even several!!!

By the way, I encourage folk who are going to Tentacles to participate in the Glorantha Panel. Who knows what feverish ideas will come out of it! Some good topics are Esrolia, Talastar, the EWF and the Middle Sea Empire. Or maybe questions about the cities of Dara Happa...


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