Re: Mysticism and Dream Magic

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_gMK7BEAwEE81uYO3BYWApgdlTnpmqp72wQANFlg0meBtZNj3j9rbzmPG9VB44mT-Fe4>
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 21:48:24 -0000

This has made interesting reading.

I have a few problems with Peter's take on mysticism when it comes to the EWF. Mysticism in it's pure form probably means seeking liberation from the mortal world. Whether this means actually seeking non-being I'm not enlightened enough to say.

But the EWF "mysticism" is based on the philosophy of the Dragonewts. The EWF mystics seek their inner dragon, and the more common members seem to have worhipped draconic entities or draconic aspects of heortling deities.

The goal of a dragonewt or an EWF mystic is to become a dragon. There has been mentions of "going where ever it is dragons go", but obviously they don't just disappear for ever (look at the ones sleeping around Dragon Pass, or those who fly in for the Dragon Kill).

Additionally an EWF mystic manifesting some draconic trait (like a warrior using draconic strenght, or sprouting wings) obviously doesn't freeze his/her development at that early stage, any more than a dragonewt using dragonmagic condems itself to remain on that stage forever.

Obviously a less either/or approach is needed to model the EWF mystics on the HeroQuest engine.

Using dragon magic probably adds points to some negative trait that hinders further development and is hard to get rid of. I wouldn't say it's exactly the "ties to the world" kind of problem that orthodox mystics get. More likely manifesting draconic power prematurely is addictive. Instead of preparing yourself for the transformation into a true dragon, you are revelling in draconic power in the hear and now.

For an EWF mystic who is a warrior, using draconic strength, firebreath and wings has to be really seductive. And when you have used them, you have to clense yourself and do even more work than usual to get back on the path to true dragonhood.

Hmm... maybe this is why so many dragonewts are stuck as scouts and warriors. It may even be that the pressures of the real world require the services of many scouts and warriors for the survival of the Dragonewt species, and so the majority of them need to use dragonmagic in their daily chores, and only a lucky few get to progress towards dragonhood at any given time.

Hey, I feel I may be onto something here!!


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