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From: Lawrence Whitaker <lawrence.whitaker_at_cqIetMVx5aPbg3c_2AoyijnRkJjhrNPB0km3BB8Ops9MQ71KbwxtapDHrI>
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 23:18:28 +0000

> Does this mean that they lack society-wide magical systems however?
> Presumably the upper-class (noble and priestly types) dragon-newts are
> less willing to employ their powers as it retards their spiritual
> progression - and being more advanced they have more to lose?

Only crested 'newts use what approximate to human magic. It forms part of their first stage development as they stuggle to overcome their base natures. Beaked 'newts and above develop a separate set of abilities that seem magical to humans (and indeed, EWF mystics can wield some of the 'newt powers) but are really manifestations of an awakening inner dragon. By the time a 'newt has reached the Ruler stage, its powers are immense, but it has little need to use them because it spends most of its time in contemplation and futurequesting - preparing itself for transformation into a True Dragon.

> Or are there always some 'heroic' nobles who are prepared to stick around
> (like that Inhuman King chap from KoDP?) and help their lessers with
> their powers even though it prevents their "enlightenment"
> (endragonment?).

There are. Every nest of dragonewts needs an Inhuman King or the newts cannot reincarnate. So its less about altruism and more about necessity. The Ruler stages go on to become True Dragons but one individual must attain enlightenment as an Inhuman King and thereby secure the pathway for the rest of the nest - which needs countless reincarnations to follow the true draconic path.

The Dragonewts book from Mongoose goes into a lot of detail about this, and other, aspects of dragonewt behaviour, magic and the draconic cycle.


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