Re: Lodril in Caladraland

From: Paul King <paul_at_z0spsNmp_MxXW7Q4O1bRjkYLFniE1QhkWQJ-D0ogBlFjGxD2dzhUYwcNSVnRtO7mg7zRbBP>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 19:23:08 +0000

On 3 Mar 2008, at 10:42, Stewart Stansfield wrote:
> And, to be somewhat crude, Veskarthan shagged the Earth and took its
> stuff.

That leads to some interesting thoughts.

Is the connection between vulcanism and earthquakes known (i.e. does Vestkarthen really "make the earth move") ?

Volcanic ash is fertile soil. Is this associated with a gift of Maran Gor ? Are the dead killed in volcanic eruptions considered sacrifices to her ? Or is it a sign of Vestkarthen's virility ?            

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