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Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 12:34:53 GMT

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>> "Hopeless damnation isn't that bad!" Woohoo!
>E.g. a former Heortling spending his afterlife on the Red Moon.

Like the King Pyjeemsab of Tarsh seduced by Hon-Eel? I expect his afterlife is/was spent in her Mansion of Triumph as one of her lovers.

>Getting cosmological here: when (in some peoples' Glorantha: if) the
>Red Moon gets torn down, it is not the end for Sedenya. How does this
>affect the afterlife spent on the Red Moon?

Interesting question. There's also the question of what happens to all the Lunar immortals.

Given that Sedenya is a changing goddess I'd go for some significant change rather than complete destruction. The Red Moon falls and the White Moon (or whatever replaces it) rises. So those who are currently in the afterlife on the moon get transferred.

Alternatively they could suffer an immediate rebirth in the mortal world, perhaps with some memories of their previous life - a generation of Pelorians trying to reconcile the certainties they knew with the world as it now is.

I'm working on the basis that normally people spend a variable period of time in the afterlife and are reborn without memories of their previous lives. Not that I can recall anything which explicitly says this.

Donald Oddy


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