Re: Lodril in Caladraland

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_jLI7PsgkjsNg9qMEqhIpaQETm5rbwacLKVyAgsajLiAxhgK4wpaCJaf4YOqBavBVsasw>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 15:07:18 -0000

> Depends who you ask. A Veskarthan follower would say yes. For a
> Maran Gori the earthquake is Maran's anger against chaos and/or
> her enemies. Which may well include Vestkarthan.

I'm uncomfortable with saying what a "Maran Gori" or "Veskarthan follower" would say (from where one might reply?). I can say that most Esrolians and Caladralanders know that there is a relationship between Maran and Veskarthan. There are myths that Veskarthan serves Maran the Earthshaker - there are other myths than Maran serves Veskarthan - and there are still others that they fight bitterly.

> Maran Gor isn't associated with fertility. Volcanic ash will have
> been stolen from her sister Ernalda. I'd expect there to be rituals
> asking Ernalda's forgiveness for using what was stolen from her.

More likely Esrola. Ernalda is not a soil or plant goddess. And there are plenty of myths that Esrola and Veskarthan are lovers.


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