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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 22:37:33 +0100

Volume 9, Number 2, February/March 2008

~~ S l u r p F o l k s ! ~~

Welcome to the February/March Tentacles News Post, featuring all the latest Tentacles news and views. Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends, allies and sworn enemies.

~ N E W S A T S U C K E R S P E E D ~

You must have surely been waiting anxiously for this newsletter! But sometimes information crawls at the speed of one sick sucker. Our Otherworldly minions are hard at work - Tentacles is battling again for the 2nd entry for the word ‘Tentacles’ at Google. We are happy to announce a record high for registrations for this time of year. At present 147 people have signed-up for Tentacles Deja Vu - very many of them Newcomers! Hats off to all Tentacles Veterans that bribed and intimidated their many friends. Your beers are the first in the fridge! That also means that there are only about 21 residential places left…


The HeroQuest, Cthulhu, Eternal Champion, Pendragon and RuneQuest Game Fest
9th - 12th May 2008
Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany

Register here:

Make sure you also sign-up for the Tentacles Newsletter: http://www.tentacles-convention.de/newsletter.html

~ T e n t a c l e s I m m o r t a l H e r o b a n d ~

The call went out and the Heroes have answered! As a special highlight and in the wake of the new HeroQuest Edition, we are proud to host Robin D. Laws this year!

Read more about our esteemed list of Tentacled Guests: http://www.tentacles-convention.de/guests.html

Alas, despite the efforts of all foul and fair Tentacles, we have not been able to grab Sandy Petersen this year. This is not only a disruption in his record Tentacles attendance (9-10 times out of 12) but also a heavy blow for Tentacles and shock to all of us. We are doing our best to find a worthy Cthulhoid interim for The Man and plan to run 1 or 2 of his great Cthulhu Mini-FreeForms in his honor and to soothe our grief. We know he still loves us. How do we know? Sandy wrote to us:

~ W H E R E I S S A N D Y ? ~

Sandy is crying his little heart out. He wanted to be in Bacharach with you, but just as he started on his plans, a pack of Nightgaunts swooped out of the sky and carried him off to an awful location, as repulsive as the Vale of Pnoth itself. Here he must stay for the indefinite future. He hopes to escape sometime later this year and to see y'all and to breathe the air of Germany again some day.


~ F r e e F o r m G a m e s ~

This year the proud array of Tentacles FreeForm games follow the trend of previous years: fewer players but faster, more intense, more fun and easier to run. Leaner and meaner is the thing!

We will not only host a *brand-new* Glorantha FreeForm by Simon Bray and his gang but also, as a worldpremier, a Pendragon (!) FreeForm by F’lip Auribeau! We also have a FreeForm Deja Vu – Ingo Tschinke will run his highly successful Glorantha FreeForm ‘The King’s Funeral’ *again*.

Read more here:

N o t e:
Sign-up for all FreeForm games will be sent out via email to all confirmed attendees in a couple of weeks.

~ T e n t a c l e s E v e n t s ~

There are already two exciting special events on the Tentacles horizon…

R a c e a r o u n d t h e B l o c k
Grégory Privat will introduce us to his new gigantic Glorantha Miniature Game ‘Race around the Block’! He spent an extra day at the castle last Tentacles to map out his new idea and measure the height of the room to see how big the ‘Block’ could be! The game was officially play-tested at the Chimériades Convention in France and Grégory insisted that I had to officially approve it for Tentacles. You will see why. I approved it and it is great fun!

G r a n d e P e n d r a g o n T o u r n a m e n t Greg Stafford and some dedicated Pendragon GMs will host a ‘Grande Pendragon Tournament’ in the Rittersaal. Everybody can play and Newcomers are most welcome! See how much glory you can earn and fight your way into the last round of the tournament to play at Greg’s gaming table. A lot of you expressed interest in Pendragon during the registration - this is your chance to play! Of course there will be a prize for the knight who becomes the Champion of the tournament!

~ T h e K u l t o f K e e p e r s ~

Another sad Cthulhoid news, ftagn! The ‚Kult of Keepers’ have disbanded. Tentacles is eternally grateful for their horrific services as Cthulhu Keepers at our various Tentacles Conventions. These guys really drained sanity. All our Tentacles wave goodbye and we only hope the Kult has met its suitable end by being sucked into the Unknown Void or sacrificed at a bloody ritual to invoke the Mythos.

Read more here:

(Read this? Make your SAN Roll or lose D100 SAN)

~ T e n t a c l e s S u r v e y ~

In order to find out the reasons why a bunch of fantastic people and potential Tentacles friends *still* haven’t attended one single Tentacles Convention we have conceived a clever survey for them. So if you are one of these sad creatures mentioned above without a ‘Tentacles Experience Check’ take the survey and explore your reasons!

To the Tentacles Survey this way:

~ P l a n a T e n t a c l e s H o l i d a y ~

If you are still looking for an excuse to attend Tentacles and/or have to persuade spouses and children to come along – we have a solution for you. Plan a Tentacles holiday! Tentacles veterans Alison Place and Ian Gorlick from Canada (!) have been mastering this discipline in the last few couple of years. What to do and what to see in this lovely German region in the days before or after Tentacles? Well, read a Travel Guide that made me wish to explore my own country!

Read here:

~ T r a v e l T i p s ~

Our old friend and Tentacles Veteran Lewis Jardine agreed to share his Tentacles travel wisdom with us. He has undertaken the Tentacles HeroQuest many times successfully and can safely be considered an tentacled expert. Lewis flies in from the UK and uses the route via Frankfurt/Main International Airport.

Read his invaluable tips here:

~ T e n t a c l e s W i n n e r s ~

A bit late - but nevertheless – here are the lucky winners of a *free* Tentacles residential place at Tentacles Deja Vu:

R o d e n b u e c h e r, Kevin
Kevin won the lucky raffle ticket of our Tentacles Tombola at Tentacles Untapped! Next year it could be you – just don’t forget to buy raffle tickets...

H i b b s, Simon
Simon’s Glorantha question was drawn out of the ‚Trickster Bag’ and answered by Greg last year. It was decided that his question provoked the most interesting, entertaining or thought provoking answer by Greg.

Here his question:
What distinguishes a dragon (that is a mountain) from a giant (that is a mountain)?

All questions and answers will be published in some form at one point in the future. Do not miss the chance to provide your Glorantha questions for the ‘Trickster Bag’ this year! Send your questions to: fabian_at_Z066MkElnt-RvdIn4tjghIZg4Vp0fkmLfYWIdA6O9l3f544hmaRmKtc3lR6uucE-PucISuqzjWjnKMReuO0Xn6WL0SE.yahoo.invalid

S p e c i a l T e n t a c l e d P r i z e

A while back I asked for improvement ideas for Tentacles. We offered a free drink for each cool idea and the winners are…

D o t o r, Alexander
Alex had an idea for a great Tentacles innovation that will make the life and game planning of Tentacles Gamemasters easier from now on. Just wait and see!

P l a c e, Alison
Alison won the price for a great Tentacles event idea. More information to come…

~ T e n t a c l e s F r e s h B l o o d ~

If you are under 21 years of age you can join the Tentacles Fresh Blood Force! We have 10 residential places set aside for young guests, at the special discounted price of 72,- EUR (72,- EUR accommodation + 0,00 EUR Convention fee). This includes bed, breakfast and dinner.

~ G r a b a f r i e n d w i t h y o u r T e n t a c l e s ~

We want to encourage you, the Tentacles Veteran (or Newbie, even!), to bring up to 3 new friends (and fresh faces) to Tentacles. For each confirmed new guest you bring you will get 3 to 9 beers (or soft drinks). Your friends just have to add your name in the ‘I was grabbed by this Tentacled Friend’ box in the registration form.

Bribe them, intimidate them – you know they'll enjoy themselves!



The HeroQuest, Cthulhu, Eternal Champion, Pendragon and RuneQuest Game Fest 9th - 12th May 2008 Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany

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