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Hi Donald,

> I'd suggest starting with waking/being born into a dark world
> surrounded by hordes of chaotic beings attacking the initiate's
> mother. If her immediate reaction isn't to start chopping them up
> with her axe she loses that station. I wouldn't expect most
> players to have an difficulty with this.
> Then she encounters a human rapist. She kills him, uses his blood
> to make beer, drinks it and cuts off his balls to start her
> necklace. That's what she brings back from the quest.

Good ideas here. I'll explain some of the story of the character (written by the player) to better understand the situation.

First, I'll play both the basic initiation to adulthood and the initiation to Babeester Gor later on. In the first one, I'll introduce something strange that shouldn't be there, a fight, some kind of omen. The story I'll explain now happens between the two initiations:

MIRIEL'S STORY: Miriel lived a happy life with his family. She aspired to be a good follower of Esrola. She always worked hard and was the younger amongst seven children, so she developed an unusual strength for a girl. She only had one true friend, Jeriah. She didn't have time to meet many people, since she was always helping at home. Jeriah worked at her parents' farm, in exchange for a place to sleep and some food, but his dream was becoming a fighter, visit far places and live many adventures. Jeriah and Miriel had many plans: when they were full adults they'd marry and build a small farm that Miriel would organize while Jeriah became rich, famous and feared. In order to achieve this, they trained every night. Miriel showed an amazing skill with the axe (maybe the result of cutting wood) and Jeriah learned to use the sword. One night, they decided to train somewhere further, to be in a calm place. When they were returning home, they saw a smoke column from the farm. When they arrived there their world had changed forever. Some outlaws had assassinated her family and raped her mother and sisters, while burning the farm. Her father and brothers corpses had been chopped. She was only 13.

Miriel grabbed her axe and followed the outlaws trail. No one survived. Jeriah became afraid of Miriel's rage, and flew when they stopped to sleep. Miriel didn't mind, her heart was completely broken and she swore that she'd punish anyone capable of causing a small part of the pain she was feeling. She finally initiated to Babeester Gor and is now known for her relentless behaviour.

There's some more story, but it doesn't matter now, and I don't feel like translating everything.

Living that nightmare again seems apropiate. One thing she doesn't know is that there was one outlaw that she didn't kill, the boss, who in fact was her mother's brother. That makes everything worse, it trascends a normal vengeance and becomes a symbolic attack on the Earth itself. She could see the attack without being able to act first, then she at last can fight her uncle and kills him, only to return to the Mundane World and see the corpse of a broo, pulled to her quest.


Sergi Diaz            

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