Re: Babeester Gor initiation

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_KBcr4dp03LCvA9qTbjG7SnX8VHbXhUX14scN58Rsc-kaGEkIeApv4hcJvqgyMx0Vbr>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 13:56:02 -0000

> Then she encounters a human rapist. She kills him, uses his blood
> to make beer, drinks it and cuts off his balls to start her
> necklace. That's what she brings back from the quest.
> If you are mixing the material world and god world this brings up
> some interesting issues. ...... and possibly another woman as the
rape victim. ..... But I can't see how any woman would take on the
> latter.

Would the rape have to happen right in front of the quester? Perhaps for initiate level initiation quest it would suffice to have a rapist available? Perhaps this is what tends to happen to those outlawed for rape near Babeester Gor temples--they get given to the cult. So in the material world, at that station she'd meet the rapist and probably be told of his deeds--most likely another woman would stand in for 'everywoman' and recite his crimes, then the quester would bring Babeestor Gor's punishment to him.

Of course, in the absence of a clear cut rape case, and initiations needing to get done, perhaps they'd get a little symbolic? Take an outlaw, because some outlaws are rapists? Or capture a member of a military unit known (or even accused) of committing rapes? For that matter, anyone who has abused or pillaged an earth shrine might also qualify? I suspect that at times the Babeestor Gor definition of rapist might get a bit inclusive for the comfort of some of their neighbors...            

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