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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 20:39:13 +0100

> Posted by: "Alison Place" alison_place
> Well, Miriel certainly has all the motivation needed
> to become Babeester Gor. However, I don't see this
> kinslaying as an attack on the Earth itself.
> Kinslaying is a different crime, though still deeply
> heinous. It is the violation of the sanctity of
> family. The injuries, rapes and killing of the women
> are certainly crimes that Babeester Gor is vowed to
> prevent and avenge, though, so Miriel is still
> initiating to one of the right cults.

Well, the fact that the rapist is her mother's own brother makes it even more abominable.

> If the boss was formally declared outlaw, with full
> rites, then technically this may not even be a
> kinslaying because legally he has no clan or kin.
> Could be relevant to initiation, as well as an
> interesting legal point to consider.

Yeah, technically. And technically, he's not her uncle. But the emotions are there.

> Given her young age at the time, she probably doesn't
> know the family dynamics that prompted the attack by
> her own uncle, so didn't suspect him as the
> instigator. Is she still on friendly terms with this
> man, does she believe that he died years ago, or was
> she never told of his existence? Sounds like he is an
> outlaw, so she would never have known him as trusted
> family unless the outlawry was fairly recent. Not
> that I think that this is an excuse for what he did,
> but did Miriel's parents grievously wrong this man?
> Did they, oh, frame him for something so that he was
> declared outlaw, perhaps for the sake of getting his
> land? Does even the player know that the boss was
> Miriel's uncle?

She doesn't know, she thinks that she finished them all. I planned to show her in her own initiation. Talk about shock. I'm not sure about her relationship with him, the idea of the rapist/murderer being her uncle has poppoed in my mind today. I first thought that it would be cool that she hadn't met him before (so that in the future she could investigate her past, if the player is so inclined), but I'm still not sure about that.

> At what age is she initiating? The standard one of
> roughly 15-16? I remember that my own attitudes at
> that age were all black and white. If a thing is
> wrong, it's all wrong. No grey is involved.

I don't know if this is "canon", but IMG heortling girls initiate to adulthood after their first period. The cult initiation is done a year later or so, so she could be 13-14. Incidentally, males initiation is done at 15-16.

> I would let Miriel wrestle with the taboos against
> kinslaying in her initiation. Especially if she once
> knew and trusted this man, then it introduces
> conflict. Just seeing the re-enactment of the
> slaughter without any reaction other than a slavering
> eagerness to hunt everyone down is too easy. Almost
> anyone would have that reaction at the time. But will
> she choose vengeance over any cost to herself? Is she
> willing to dedicate her whole life to avenging not
> only the wrongs done to her and her kin, but those to
> any woman? If she finds out that her uncle was taking
> the only vengeance left to him, will she reconsider
> taking the same path herself? If her own parents'
> shades warn her about the consequences of this step,
> will she pause to think it through?

Mmm, that's a good idea too. But if she knew her uncle she can't investigate her family's past later... I don't know, I'll have to think about it.
Her parents shades warning her, that's something I can use anyway. I like it a lot, I'll do it.

> I can certainly understand this initiation in the full
> floodtide of emotions and loss that she's suffered,
> but I believe that introducing confusing elements
> would enrich the initiation. Initiation to Ernalda is
> considered completely normal and right for any girl.
> Initiation to Babeester Gor should be a much more
> difficult choice to make, though, as it means that the
> initiate is divested of the normal life that most
> women strive to have.

I'll show her images of what she dreamt about, she'll have to actively choose not to pursue her dreams. Her parents could show those images about the future she's about to leave behind... yes, I'm having some ideas.


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