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> The
> > most gnostic sect I can think of off-hand are the Perfecti of Third
> > Age Loskalm, but little canonical has been published about them yet.
> > (They'll probably be in HoM3, when I get around to it, but that's
> > years off).
> >
> Well, she's going for the whole people are divine beings trapped in an
> illusionary prison. Through proper introspection, you can overcome
> this, and release your true divinity. Anything close to that, or am I
> on my own?

The Perfecti fit that description, more or less, but it's also a fair description of many of Glorantha's mystical traditions from Kralorela and others points east. Or the dragonewts, for that matter. Unfortunately, I don't think a lot has been written about any of them :(

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