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>> > I was wondering if there were any existing Lunar immortals who were
>> > associated with music? I assume that there are some out and
> about, but
>> > that they might not have been discovered or made popular yet.

We didn't include any in ILH2, though that doesn't mean there aren't any. However, remember that the Lunar religion is laid over the various Pelorian religions - Dara Happan, Rinliddi, Carmanian, etc., and those "Pantheons" will have their own musician entities. There doesn't *have* to be Lunar Immortals of Music, but there *can* be if you want them.

The one Lunar that I can think of with a real Music affinity is Jar Eel, what with her Harp and all. Depending on your story's needs, she might be the First Lunar Immortal (to-be) with any connection to Music. Or there may be one that just hasn't been described yet. (There are HonEel the Dancer, and Senthera the Courtesan, who presumably *use* music in their dancing...)

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