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Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 11:34:00 -0000

Frank Rafaelsen:

> So are there any ETA on Heros of Malkion? Are we talking months or > years here?

The most recent statement was 'hopefully in time for Tentacles, almost certainly in time for Continuum'. So weeks or months, barring unforeseen complications. LotW2 has no planned release date yet, and I'd imagine it won't be out until next year at the earliest.

> How large is it going to be (the equivalent of the > Imperial Lunar Handbook or Under the Red Moon?).

Under the Red Moon. LotW2 is the same size.

> What is the scope of
> the book?

Barring post-production edits of which I know not, the contents are as follows:

Heroes of Malkion (LotW1):

People of the Book
* 8 Homelands

Keeping the Faith
* Social structure

Kingdom of the Flamesword (LotW2):
(note - this has yet to be edited, so the contents are less certain)

The Kingdom of Seshnela
* The People

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