Enlightenment and the Lunars

From: evil_edy666 <evil_edy666_at_kYhlzUvLnk98kgshL_I4PpYzhe8P0GvkFr1yvqT1Z1G8qneoweTH6DW8b8vIDn6O>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 17:08:38 -0000

Give the information in the Lunar Handbook vol 2 it seams to me that the Red Emperor or even the Current Red Moon are not Enlightened. My reasoning is that the Enlightened lose free will and can no longer make changes in the world. And yet the Red Emperor fights in battles. And the Red Moon in at least one form or another can provide divine aid. And in the case of the Emperor he is still exploring his own Illumination, through the endless party, the hideous zoo etc.

I know I must be wrong because at least in my flawed God learner thinking I cannot see how the Lunar Way can teach a person to become Enlightened when it appears that the way is still not known to the Divinity that claims to provide the path.            

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