Re: Enlightenment and the Lunars

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Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 16:51:35 -0000

For example
"The ultimate goal of illumination is Enlightenment. Thus, though they were once
mortals, they no longer act as if they have free will, and they do not respond to the pleas of their worshippers."

I gather that the concept of Enlightenment given in the Lunar Handbook only applies to player characters that reach Enlightenment through illumination. Since some beings can be partially Enlightened? A concept I have a hard time grasping, isn't someone who is Partially Enlightened still just Illuminated?

I maybe reading more than I need to into this but the Red Emperor and the Red Moon in at least one form is capable of interacting of their own free will. Unless we are too believe that the Red Emperor is merely a pawn to his worshipers, or not Enlightened? And even the concept of Divine Intervention is somehow outside the bounds of the great compromise and Enlightenment. Allowing Divinities to act upon the request of their worshipers.

Eddie Goehner

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