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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 01:27:37 +0100

I think I might be what you are looking for. I have worked for various UK and US mags as a sub- and production-editor. If you need to know which ones I must ask for an NDA on your part due to the contracts I have at this point.
I have almost all the Gloranthan material ever published, and am a GTA Initiate.
I am also the owner/creator of, and the web admin of the unofficial Glorantha links list (which should be at, but we are having some trouble with that) which temporarily is at:

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  Hello friends

  Tradetalk magazine is in need of a copy reader for the articles of our next

  A native english speaker, which is good in spelling and grammer, AND knows   Glorantha would be best.

  Please contact me off-list.


  André Jarosch
  Editor of Tradetalk   

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