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Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 05:08:12 -0000

Ok, so, I have questions about Vorlan Umathson the Thunder-Breathed Uncle.

I have some slowly emerging ideas about what I think about him IMG, but I'm curious what's been written & talked about already.

First, details about his mythic roles. According to Blood over Gold, the Wenelians believe (correct me if I'm wrong):

  1. While he is in some ways similar to Orlanth (affiliation to storms and viewed as head of Tradition), Kolat (Spirit of winds), and Valind (cold), he is also expliictly a distinct entity (no misapplied worship, Vorlani see Kolating as helper practice).
  2. He's either Orlanth's older brother or uncle. I'd imagine if he shows up in other Orlanthi legends, he'd remain elder, considering Orlanth is generally portrayed as a younger brother IIRC.
  3. Fights against Elves and Trolls
  4. Prefers letting his son deal with living beings of all types so he can deal with the elements almost exlcusively.

Here are my questions:
1) Anything else noteworthy not in this list? I guess if anything I'm interested in his activities during the Darkness or before, and details about his ties to other Gods and Spirits, particularly Valind, Orlanth, Heler, Kolat, & Daka Fal (nobody knew he was a spirit until Daka Fal pointed it out).

2) A lot of layering and changes happened to the people in Wenelia from the Darkness on. Was Vorlan 'always' there and grafted onto more traditional Orlanthi traditions in the Dawn? This is poorly worded, but I'm not sure how else to ask.

3) His secret is his Shamans being able to awaken their seventh wind.  Other than making their hair have cool effects, what does this mean?  Or is this 'just' his Fetch?

Thanks again.            

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