Re: Orlanth's High Holy Day... in Pavis!

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Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 14:23:17 +0200

Hi all

I think that the myth reenacted during a god's high holy day is the most important myth for the deity.
So for me in Orlanth's high holy day ceremonies, either the Lightbringer quest or the death of the Sun is retold.

Faltikus is the high priest so he should lead the worship, but Krogar is more poular and maybe
more competent so the benefits should be better with him as a leader. Sometimes Krogar takes the lead.

The first benefit is that the temple's guardian spirit reenlists for another year.
Since the threshold between Glorantha and the hreoplane is thinner, some powerful heroquests
must begin that day.

Besides that, the community is blessed and cult member can learn some magic.

For the number of worshipers, it depends. For example if Krogar plans to go on a heroquest that needs a huge community support, he can
wrest the lead from Faltikus and have many devout Orlanthi from around Pavis county come to the ceremony.
In this case there will be many worshipers. In others occasions, I think that only the urban initiates attend.

For Vinga, I havs no ideas.


xavierllobet wrote:
> Hi all,
> My players are going to Pavis in a few days, some of them to attend the
> high holy day of Orlanth, one other to attend the high holy day of
> Vinga.
> I'd really love to make this something more than: "OK, so you go there,
> do the usual representations of the myths of your god. What do you do
> when it's finished?", but unfortunately I haven't much experience in
> dealing with High Holy Day heroquests and their implications. Could
> somebody please help me out?
> Some questions that come to my mind:
> What is the usual myth represented in that day? What benefits can be
> gained (both personally and at a community level)? What role do
> Faltikus (this is of special interest for me) and Krogar each play in
> it? How many Orlanthi would attend the Pavis Air Temple? How many would
> rather attend other Orlanthi temples of Pavis County (e.g. Garhound)
> knowing Faltikus' reputation?

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