Re:Orlanth's High Holy Day... in Pavis!

From: Kenrae <kenrae_at_3fyLhA8gmz5ox-1EMlbg_rvoqmWwRaxK3BST0E7XLollF-VAF385RIMTFfLLI_q7PAMNx>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 09:16:02 +0200

Hi Xavi ;)

> Posted by: "xavierllobet" xavierllobet
> Tue Apr 1, 2008 3:37 am (PDT)
> Hi all,
> My players are going to Pavis in a few days, some of them to attend the
> high holy day of Orlanth, one other to attend the high holy day of
> Vinga.

Do we? Oh yes, we do :P.

> I'd really love to make this something more than: "OK, so you go there,
> do the usual representations of the myths of your god. What do you do
> when it's finished?", but unfortunately I haven't much experience in
> dealing with High Holy Day heroquests and their implications. Could
> somebody please help me out?

Yes please, help him, I want to have some fun :D. Even if my character isn't an orlanthi.

> Some questions that come to my mind:
> What is the usual myth represented in that day?

I suppose there are a couple of myths that are always represented, or at least explained. If we take a look at Christianity, death and resurecction is always represented at Easter, but at the same time some other myths are told, and those ones are adhoc, depending on the current situation and decided by the priest or minister.

> What benefits can be gained (both personally and at a community level)?

At community level many blessings are renewed. Rain, weather control, martial aids (not so much in Pavis, I suppose it's quite controled by the lunars), it depends on the god.
At personal level, many people will acquire new feats, and it's a good day to attempt a heroquest but of course you must gather some support. That could be an adventure in itself.

That got me thinking... a heroquest to try to recover your lost memory? Mmm, that must be a Lhankor Mhy quest, I suppose... (hint, hint ;-)).


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