Re: Orlanth's High Holy Day... in Pavis!

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Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 22:28:46 -0000

Hi and thank you all for your replies. However, these have raised more questions in my mind:

> This is a really important point. Orlanth is a very important god to
> the 20,000 farmers of Pavis County - he brings the seasonal rain that
> makes agriculture possible.

Yes, but...
- doesn't Ernalda bless their crops anyway? - and, even if they reenact the Orlanth-Aroka-Heler myth, can't they get together some time earlier or later to do another heroquest? In KoDP I managed to do two HQ a year (OK, I admit that I saved the game every time!) ;-) But, with a little organisation it would be achievable... I guess.
- besides, the Air Temple of Pavis can't be the only Orlanth temple in the County, right?

> Here's the dilemma: how do you convince
> all those farmers to risk a bad harvest so your adventurers can kick
> Lunar butt?

A good dilemma! Thanks for that!            

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