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Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2008 11:09:44 -0700

YGWV Stephen McGinness wrote:
> I am just about to embark on a game in Prax. I am intending to begin
> it using RQ2 - my favourite Glroanthan ruleset so far - and to extend
> it by fusing in the Heroquest aspects for Rune Magic and HeroQuesting
> (obviously!) :) .
> Anyway, my initial question is going to be one about healing Prax. I
> understand that Chalana Arroy would be a good source of healing etc
> round Pavis and among Heortlings but where would the core healing come
> from among the Praxian nomads and in Sun County etc?

Eiritha is it. The harshness of the nomads' life is such that they do not have the resources o spare for specialists like Chalana Arroy (who is one of a kind anyway in Glorantha, THE top of the line healer)
> Why would
> animists look to Theists for their healing - would they not have
> traditions of their own to combat the depradations of disease and war?

Yep. Eiritha.
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