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Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 11:14:42 -0700

> I was thinking that there might be a more fragmented system of healing
> among the animal nomads. Battlefield stuff would be developed as they
> are all going to need that and they wouldn't have a top end suite from
> a CA equivalent but that various tribes might have different
> specialities developed over the generations that would be part of the
> 'horse' trading between tribes at need.

Well, there is no real "battlefield" medicine available, as Killing is "Men's work" and Healing is "Women's work", and I don't think women come along on raids with the warriors.

(Even in Cults of Prax, Waha had a x2 modifier to Healing and a prohibition against Xenohealing, while Eiritha had a x1/2 mod on learning Healing and Xenohealing. And as an additional note, Eirithat should *not* give cheap Axe Weapon training...)

> Sounds like I can simply go about making it up without worryng about
> being contrary to pre-established canon....

If you want something more "fragmented" than the above, then yes. For example, *this* clan might have a specific spirit to cure *that* particular disease, or someone may have found a cureing spirit for madness or ones that can close up wounds leaving a cool-looking tattoo, etc. But the thing is that it's not "Men's magic" to deal with these spirits - it's for women to do.

Animists (in the HQ form of the word) tend to have fragmented magic anyway, as they can find spirits with wierdo magical abilities and be the sole "owners" of them. So an easy scenario is "Our beasts have developed BloodyTongue, oh no. Only the Spotted Gecko clan can deal with it, but they are our enemies/always charge so much for it/want our chief's daughter in marriage/[fill in other problem to be overcome]!"

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