Re: A Peter Gabriel/Prax Connection?

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> > Surely I'm not the only one who gets mental images
> of
> > Prax when listening to Peter Gabriel's "Rhythm of
> the
> > Heat"?
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> Never heard of it myself, but wasn't Shadow of the
> Spear an early
> opponent of Harreck's that he gained from a
> Heroquest?

Not that I can find, but I have discovered the phrase "shadow of the spear" in

Quite an evocative moment really":

"Now she drew near to us, and Chaka sank upon the earth, huddled up in fear, hiding his face in his hands; but I was not afraid, my father-- only the wicked need fear to look on the Queen of Heaven. Nay, I was not afraid: I stood upright and gazed upon her glory face to face. In her hand she held a little spear hafted with the royal wood: it was the shadow of the spear that Chaka held in his hand, the same with which he had slain his mother and wherewith he should himself be slain. Now she ceased her singing, and stood before the crouching king and before me, who was behind the king, so that the light of her glory shone upon us. She lifted the little spear, and with it touched Chaka, son of Senzangacona, on the brow, giving him to doom. Then she spoke; but, though Chaka felt the touch, he did not hear the words, that were for my ears alone."

It also seems to be the title of a 1971 African-based novel by Carolyn London. Perhaps the latter was informed of the former.

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