Re: A Peter Gabriel/Prax Connection?

From: markmohrfield <markmohrfield_at_60IQSnZQS-SAzyekd5X0JxdWvXyLiFKRcZ8ZUKN4QB8deIRMiIw8j5ZBvc4JtH>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 00:37:55 -0000

Just found the reference. It's in the Genertela Book from the old boxed Gloranatha:Genertela, Curcible of the Hero Wars supplement on page 15 in the boxed text about Harreck. "That (binding the Polar Bear spirit) was his first HeroQuest. As a result he had a poweful ally in the bound god(sic). He also discovered his first enemy, called the Shadow of the Spear."

                                             Mark Mohrfield


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