Land of 10,000 Goddesses

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_z58lOJB0-gkHWEgsvE-lMsLNz1GvWHhgr4v5He0ubIV9oay5VHqsxpcsGrEhYrWKo8Dm>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 12:55:53 -0000

Howdy all -

I just finished editing the final draft of "Esrolia: Land of 10,000 Goddesses" (by Greg Stafford and me) and it is now being formatted and laid out by Rick Meints for the Tentacles Special Release (it will later be released as part of Moon Design's Stafford Library).

For anyone who wanted to know anything about Esrolia, Ernalda, the Great Temple of Ernalda (Ezel), Nochet, Rhigos, Imarja, or even the origins of the Kitori - this is the book for you! Packed with glorious new maps of Nochet through the ages (beautifully done by Colin Driver), and tons of new art by Simon Bray and Mike O'Connor, this will be a fantastic resource for any Gloranthaphile.

Fabian and Rick will have more details about its availability at Tentacles, but this book is definitely a very very cool resource. Solid Gloranthan Gold.


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