A small section from Land of 10,000 Goddesses

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Here's a tiny sidebar blurb from Land of 10,000 Goddesses, just to whet your appetite:

About ten miles south of Nochet is the town of Pedestal, named after Belintar's Pedestal - the great magical pillar that dominates the skyline. It is a large settlement, with a grand temple to Belintar and buildings for his many servants and officers in Esrolia. Here is where the Uniting Bridge sets itself when the Pharaoh is going to visit Esrolia, or a person of importance is summoned to the City of Wonders.

Belintar Raises the Pedestal
 After being the priestesses of Ezel recognized him as the Living God and offered him sacrifices, Belintar proceeded down the Sacred Road, where he was hailed as King of the Living by the living and the dead alike. In Nochet, he took the accoutrements of Kimantor after offering gifts to his defeated rival and was hailed as the Immortal Protector of the City.

 Belintar left Nochet and traveled south until he got to a rocky cliff that overlooked the Mirrorsea. He said, "here I shall ascend to my city." A great six-sided column of stone grew underneath him and lifted Belintar up. The column was topped with a six-headed capital, symbolizing the Sixths of Kethaela, the Six Elements, the Six Forms and the Six Beasts.

 Belintar spoke again, although none could understand his words. From the center of the Mirrorsea, a rainbow extended to the column and then to the amazement of all, slowly descended to earth. As the rainbow descended, it took material form, becoming an ornately decorated stone bridge with a thousand arches and with one end at the base of the column. He gently glided down from the top of the column and walked on the now-solid bridge towards the center of the Mirrorsea.            

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