Re: Avilry - how extinct was it?

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Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 03:47:32 GMT

In message <> Greg Stafford writes:

>> Glorantha 2nd Age, says that they ride Avilry in Rinliddi, but I'm
>> not convinced other than perhaps for ceremonial purposes.
>They may have enough of them to field a regiment or three by this time,
>but the numbers are relatively few (especially compared with horses).

One idea I had was that there were some regiments which traced their origins back to pre-dawn avilry but since time began had ridden horses. With the reappearance of the birds do they retrain or dismiss them as an experiment that's bound to fail.

So you could have regiments which are called avilry but in fact ride horses. Rather like the Grenadier Guards who never used grenades until modern times.

Donald Oddy


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