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YGWV valkoharja wrote:
> I've been reading the Merlin trilogy, and just had this thought about
> western Glorantha (Janube valley, specifically).
> We know there are places in Glorantha where the barriers between the
> worlds are thinner than usual. We also know there are places that are
> sacred to specific gods and spirits.

or Essences
> From a sorcerer's point of view those places are probably linked to
> specific runic powers, and have just been claimed by the spirit or god.

Nice observation.
> I've started to think that such magical spots tend to be marked and
> occupied by shrines. Sometimes the shrine is to a saint, sometimes to
> a pagan god, and sometimes it may just be a circle of stone that is
> useful for many types of magic, and dangerous to the unwary and untrained.
> Maybe the same place can originally have held a shrine to a firy
> diety, and later have been converted to a shrine of Gerlant
> Flamesword. Even later, it may have been claimed by a sorcerous
> academy founder, and be used as their portal to some firy node of
> sorcerous power. And so on...
> I rather like this approach. What do you guys think?

this is pretty much how I have always envisioned it. Some particular problems can come up when people simply do not recognize the signs of a holy spot. They could stumble into a place of power because they didn't know that an oak with ivy, where there is a yellow butterfly flying is very dangerous. And so on.

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