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YGWV xavierllobet wrote:
> -How much do people know about the God Learners in 1620 TS?

Oh, everyone knows that they were an evil people that lived a few centuries ago, whose every act was horrible. They enslaved cities, tortured people for fun, ate babies, engaged in widespread genocide, destroyed several overseas civilizations, hated not only all non-human races but also all humans not like them, attempted to kill gods (and actually did do several in), enslaved many gods and tortured them to extract their magical energy, were secretly allied with dragons, created false gods, made a machine that tried to devour the world, often had body parts that were constructed, grafted parts of animals onto themselves, used magic from evil gods, lied about everything, betrayed everyone including each other. Some of them had two heads, or two feet on each foot, and many had four hands so that they could cast spells faster. They were made by the evil god Malkion, the god who hates all other gods, to be his slaves. Every one of them were sorcerers and delighted in destroying gods and spirits and we who loved those good beings. They had ships that could sail on land others that sailed in the air, and some that even went up to the Sky World. They defeated the demons of the Underworld and made them slaves and food. Where they walked the plants withered, and where they gathered nothing can ever live again. They didn't need food but sucked the souls and spirits of good people for sustenance. They...
Um, getting the idea?
> -Would a sage easily recognize an item created by the God Learners
> (coins, jewelry, weapons, magic items, mechamagical arms...)?

Probably not. They'd classify those things into the "Not our stuff" category, and thus not to be used. Likely they are chaos in disguise.
> -What kind of reaction would arouse seeing someone carrying objects
> created by them? (for example in Pavis)

Probably about the same way that you react to seeing someone carrying a bloody head down the street, or a if they were more easy going, the way you would react to someone carrying a 23rd century telecommunications device...
> -If you found such an object, would you be able to sell it easily to a
> trader?

Probably not. they would have no use for something that is, well... useless. One of the sage cults (Lhankor Mhy, Irrippi Ontor) might offer some little bit for it (they have, or believe they have, magic that will protect them from the harmful effects of unknown things...)
> -How much can Darily from Raus Fort know about God Learner relics?

As much as you want for your campaign. He may know lots and lots of actual facts, as opposed to what "everyone knows" up above. After all, YGWV, and "Play the Story."

A couple of final words: in my campaign and view of Glorantha, the above views of the God Learners is not an exaggeration. For most people, the world works just fine--not perfectly, but just fine. They are hesitant to do anything to upset the /status quo/. The enemies of the past have been proved to have a distressing way of cropping up again. Things are *regularly *not what they seem to be. Only fools or idiots, or perhaps secret Gbaji-worshipers, knowingly engage in embracing the unknown.

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