Re: Treasures of the God Learners

From: parental_unit_2 <parental_unit_2_at_8CBCKBdEFq8pT4pKhoYsbcGBPfWD9SITFPmJ0MRLboHZGGiP_AuGkvzZbKsk>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 23:26:49 -0000

In David Dunham's Umathela game, set in early 1600, part of the standard clan background was "What fiendish experiments did the God Learners inflict on your clan's ancestors?" My character's clan had been forced to live on rafts and worship water gods to see if they would turn into sea beings.

Even dead, the God Learners were nasty. For example, my character was nearly pulled off a heroquest by a God Learner guardian who had been placed there to block access to parts of the Hero Plane. When our player characters reached Jrustela, David hinted that the characters could go buy or look for God Learner relics. Not a single person took him up on it.            

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