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>-How much do people know about the God Learners in 1620 TS?

I think this really is a case of YGWV. Do people really have a lot of detail about a culture that was destroyed 500 years ago, and was cast out of Pavis even before that? That was so hated or feared that most of what it did was destroyed or hidden? That's a long time, and plenty of opportunity for details to be confused.

>-Would a sage easily recognize an item created by the God Learners
>(coins, jewelry, weapons, magic items, mechamagical arms...)?

Probably. They could be wrong though -- these items probably don't turn up that often.

>-What kind of reaction would arouse seeing someone carrying objects
>created by them? (for example in Pavis)

IMO most people wouldn't really know (though they might think they know). The God Learners are universally hated. Why are you bringing such a dangerous object into New Pavis? Of course, someone may still want the object, and use this as an excuse to take it from you.

>-If you found such an object, would you be able to sell it easily to a

Possibly. Even though the God Learners are hated and their items feared, they're still powerful, and a trader has to make a profit.

>-How much can Darily from Raus Fort know about God Learner relics?

The God Learners never really got to what is now the Lunar Empire, so probably less than a Pavis sage -- unless your story demands otherwise.


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