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> What I haven't yet decided is how the magic affects foreign magic when
> they are opposed. For example - I was thinking that animist
> defensive magic (such as countermagic) should work doubly
> effectively against theist or sorcerous magic. And dispels or
> detects be half as effective against foreign based magic. This is
> why there are specialist cults, schools and spirits for defeating
> these foreigners magic.

I would have thought that countermagic would have the same problems as detect and dispel - i.e. be only half as effective. It makes the foreign magic more scary and weird, and gives the specialist cults (with their countersorcery spells, or whatever) more purpose.

> I was thinking that Lunar magic would be effective against everyone
> - one of the advantages of the new style of magic.

At least in the HQ books, there doesn't seem to be much evidence of this. In ILH-2, the Lunar detect magic ability (Moon Eye) is less effective against foreign magic. Nonetheless, because nobody else has Lunar magic, and its relatively new, even the specialist cults in other religions won't tend to have Dispel Lunar Magic and the like as spells, while the Lunars *will* have at least some access to Dispel Sorcery, etc. - in other words, their advantage is that they're unusual enough that nobody really knows how to counter them.

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