Re: [!! SPAM] Re: Foreign Magic - flavour and crunch

From: Stephen McGinness <stephenmcg_at_34YlZlvpyNhkN2q68hhm43WKSS8e4CfKEkT-ejSXWHG8brdAIn76Y9m5QWkbHtNqr>
Date: Sat, 03 May 2008 18:04:19 +0100

> "Those foreigners are pretty resistant to magic, but their own magic
> is really puny, easy to counter."
> or
> "It's really difficult to stop those foreigners' spells, but they seem
> to be be pretty vulnerable to true, godly, magic."

Hmm. The Gods can defend us, or the Gods can smite the infidel. Good way of looking at it. I think that I'll let the players decide.

Thinking about the gaming side of things. The foreigners that the PCs meet, unless they are in foreign lands, are likely to be those prepared (and specialised) to be in the PCs realm of magic. This would make foreigners and their magic exotic and scary. Regardless of where the advantage lies.

In RQ it is a pretty dangerous place to be anyway - I would err on the side of foreign magic being less dangerous. It would also mean that invasions are more difficult as the offensive magics are always less effective than the defensive ones.

Making the allowance for Lunar magic provides a good excuse for why their magic colleges have been so effective.

Thanks for the idea bouncing.


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