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Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 09:01:39 +0100

Lots of good points with regard to Chalana Arroy and specialist approaches to disease!

I have some issues with bringing in real world applications. wrote:
> There's also a non-magical element to healing and disease prevention.
> Knowledge of what practices discourage disease spirits such as always
> using water taken from upstream of where animals drink to clean a
> wound. Now the Praxian equivelent would be always take your drinking
> water from an oasis before allowing the animals to drink and a healer
> is entitled to use drinking water to clean a wound.

Now obviously we all know about germ theory and the cause of disease. This sounds awfully like germ theory. If this is presented in some way that disease spirits are discouraged (as above) it becomes slightly more Gloranthan but I think that I'll have to put a bit more thought into some practice that might result in taking drinking water before allowing the animals to drink (which allows player's heads to accommodate the disease side of things) but is focussed around disease spirit theory rather than germ theory.

Why would an animal drinking from your water source before you make a disease spirit more likely to possess you? A good Gloranthan needs a good Gloranthan answer. :-)

See. The best bit about Glorantha is that if you ask the questions you get the potential for good stories.


Thanks. As always, more to ponder upon!


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