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Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 21:54:29 GMT

In message <> Stephen McGinness writes:

[Magic and modern armies]

>I do think that the non-magic enhanced might be at a disadvantage
>though. I cant imagine the effects on the troops when their opponents
>rose into the air and cast lightning at them! :-) Heavy machine gun
>fire might dissuade such tactics but teleports and elementals etc...

Both sides would be at a disadvantage in defending against attack until they worked out what the enemy was capable of and how to counter it. I don't believe that would last very long though and it would become a matter of willingness to put the resources into countermeasures.

A horde of minor fire spirits would initially cause chaos in a modern army but banning all non-essential flamable materials and providing anti-ignition foam for all fuel storage would reduce it to a manageable problem.

Donald Oddy


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