Re: What Mostali Look Like

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_VCjJ3LiJrrvWZk6IMJ14VhswTbkXOdUHX9eB6H5jTenzcD4juN_y1WcCS7D7W91ECA9I>
Date: Wed, 07 May 2008 10:03:07 -0000

> >The clay mostali are likely misshapen, short, and often ugly. But
> >they were not made by the Maker.
> They were made by the Maker but he suspended Quality Control
> while doing so.

Heh! :)

If I recall the clay dwarfs were first made after the World Machine (akak Mostal the Maker) was broken. Aha, here is the Elder Secrets summary: The Octogony created the clay dwarfs to supply... ""quantity, not quality" .... the clay dwarfs "are quite different from their predecessors - less magical, less intelligent, and generally inferior in every way.

Dwarf facial features are rather grotesque-looking to humans, but are not hideous or repulsive. Many, but not all, dwarfs are bearded. Clay dwarfs have disproportionately short limbs and many are hunchbacked or otherwise distorted. These seeming deformities, far from hindering them, seem to make them better suited to their cramped burrows and heavy labor. Their gnarled bodies have massive bones and are stout with twisted muscle."

Does that help?


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