Re: What Mostali Look Like

From: John Galloway <yuskim1_at_hCmdGCPOge3n3XWVo-8-cFzq6wkuOXyZuF0nqzSO4bOhjQ64k421sTUSfE0rBbUScgYa>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 06:33:26 -0000

So did I. I'm not sure where I got that impression from but some support can be found in Masters of Luck and Death (Hero Bands for the Hero Wars) <ISS 1303 (January 2004)>

The following excerpts are taken from The Five-Rune Ring (pp 58, 59)

"Five-Rune is the Man Rune, which has five appendages (including the head)."

"Theoretically, any descendant of Grandfather Mortal may join the band."

"The council has a seat for each of the five elements, plus a Harmony seat to help them bring balance. Ideally, a troll fills the seat of darkness; a ludoch merman, Water; an elf, Earth; a durulz, Fire; a human, Air; and a Gold Wheel Dancer, Harmony. (Extensive research has proven to members that dwarves are not descendants of Grandfather Mortal. Their inclusion on the [First Age?] Grand Council is obviously one of the reasons its magic failed.)"

Now obviously YGMV but this seems to indicate that (at least some of) those people who take an interest in such things believe that the Mostali are NOT possessors of the Man rune.

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