Re: What if Star Trek were set in Glorantha?

From: Nick Eden <nick_at_tjTpuITf-efGYZdafdgldXYxB4ZQ_H-OzP774lpHUncxywt3e_hiPu0nhMdvOgn9QdwtJYp>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 22:52:16 +0100

Sam Elliot wrote:
> Presumably, Keith, Carrie Fisher = Kallyr? Or is it Natalie Portman?
> R2D2 = Beatpot Aelwrin
> C3PO = some Yelmie nut
> Han Solo = Argrath
> Yeah?
> Sam.
> On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 8:18 AM, Keith Nellist <> wrote:
>> Although I can see the merits of making comparisons between Trek and
>> Glorantha, I've got to go for Star Wars and Glorantha. After all, both have
>> prequels - Glorantha 2nd Age, all the Sith stuff. Both have goofy races that
>> can be a bit embarrassing (ewoks, nasobemes). Both kind of started (as far
>> as most people were concerned) in a desert environment (Prax, Tatooine).
>> Both had a bad guy with a wheezy voice who had suffered terrible
>> injury(Darth Vader, One armed duck bandit - "more duck now than man, twisted
>> and evil"). Both have some religious cults with different levels of
>> initiation (Jedi Council, Cults of Prax). Both have lots of unusual riding
>> beasts (all of them, almost all of them). Both have an evil empire (The
>> Empire, The Lunar Empire) but with not much evidence that the rebels are
>> much better (The Rebel Alliance, Sartar).
>> Go on I could.
>> Now, if I were remaking Revenge of the Sith I would have Anakin coming back
>> as a Durulz - Duck Vader, created by Lord Delecti. I would rename it Revenge
>> of the Sticher. The Duck Star is clearly the thing that gets destroyed.
>> Obi-Wanaryth-Purple the wise old Lhankor Mhy guy. Yoda Toothmaker leads his
>> hordes from the wastes, Argrath Deetoo, Handrogeus Solo, IsildianP0.

A while ago I wrote on the subject

Almost got published in the real magazine as well, but it went but one issue before            

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