Re: Glorantha Index now at Issaries site

From: jorganos <joe_at_9ZAtmJvVV-pBoulUzZQCC5ZwFrDqaTxDLK8opP9MKKq2BbHRoKof_IC_QwGNC3q5ITPVLKhZ>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 10:04:56 -0000

> At the official Issaries site, there appears to be a new Glorantha
> Index. It is a searchable database of Glorantha terms, which may be
> edited and tagged in a Wiki-like fashion.

Editing the database is restricted to a team of editors. In the near future there will be a tool to make distributed editing easier, which is when we will start to recruit editors.

> It's certainly not perfect (yet!), but it looks like an excellent
> God Learner tool.

Charles chose the name "Buserian" for the software because those solar librarians are the only ones more obsessed with indexing than even Lhankor Mhytes.

The main function of the tool is to show where a Gloranthan information has been published, even though the description make it an encyclopedia for Gloranthan terms as well.

> Link:

Let me add that people who get a login identity (policy suggests using the real name, so that we can credit participation) will be able to see more than just the page numbers below the main article (at least, where such additional information has been provided yet), and will be able to post comments that the editors can either react to or make public.

You can simply go hyperlink-hopping. Or you can use the search form (leaving it empty results in an alphabetic list of all entries, 25 per page), and choose to restrict your search on titles, or search the full body of the entry descriptions.

Looking forward to reading comments from users,


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