Re: Glorantha Index now at Issaries site

From: Charles Corrigan <charles_at_0dIegVb_o27_Iou1zxfiPgGrn-k4HsE0cQ4StDSWUY2Yj3XbmXbXF1LYuTgQ_BuRQ1Vt>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 17:12:09 -0000

Do have a look, I think that it is pretty good (but I would as I wrote the software). Joerg spent years of effort compiling the information.

If you sign-up, you will be able to see some more details on selected entries and will be able to leave comments on index entries. Please note that you should sign up using your real name on a recognised email address - this is not for marketing purposes but to prevent a re-ocurrence of a nasty incident involving anonymous posting.


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