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felixtimestwo asks:
> Does anyone have any information on the White Bull spirit
> cult/brotherhood of the Praxian beast riders? All I have is
> references to it, and Argrath's later adventures with them,
> but no history or myths for them.

Here is what I think:  

The White Bull spirit is a spirit of foresight. Argrath White Bull succeeds in a quest that links him to the White Bull.* He then summons the White Bull to make peace between Bison and Sable clans. He forms a new sacred society. They say that the White Bull taught them the Lament of the White Bull.  

Lament of the White Bull
It returns; the cosmos eater.
It returns; the vile pollution.
Tribes are crippled; nations sunder'd;
Founder missing; Protectress gone.
Free the people; mend division;
Find the lost ones; rescue captives.
Rally dedra; save your great lands.
Unite the tribes and ride on Home.  

The White Bull spirit and brotherhood are key to any major story line in the Greatlands. If you read through the Sartar Rising books, you will notice that the Rebellion plays a role in guiding the players to things to do. The White Bull brotherhood can play the same role in a Greatlands campaign. The White Bull pushes his agenda, through his Brothers and (later) directly with the players.  

So, from the narrator's perspective, the purpose of the White Bull spirit is to manipulate the players toward the plot lines that the narrator is ready to run. These are pretty big tasks, as the Lament hints.  

In HeroQuest terms, the White Bull Brotherhood is an inter-tribal hero band and the White Bull spirit is its guardian spirit.  

The White Bull Spirit:
Method: Archetype. The White Bull appears as a pure white, grown, male beast belonging to the tribe of whoever sees him. Communication: Group contact. The voice of the White Bull can speak to any member. Its words are often cryptic and upsetting. Guardian Requirements: Membership in the White Bull Brotherhood. Functions:

            Awareness—Discover Threat to Dedra 10W2 
            Blessing—Call White Bull Follower 20
            Defense—Unite Dedra 10W2

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