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YGWV John Machin wrote:
> > These days probably, though I seem to recall that Warhammer's interest
> > in Chaos started off from the fact they had three zillion moulds for
> > broos in construction at the point they lost the RuneQuest miniatures
> > licence.

GW had independent interest in Moorcock. Chaosium maintained a friendly relationship with GW long after they had dumped every other American relationship. We finally broke up because Brian Ansell wanted to make a UK RPG of Stormbringer, and I told him that Chaosium would be unhappy about that, since we had the US license for the same, and would fight the sale of their game in the US if they did that. Which made GW unhappy, and ended our long relationship.
> Moorcock's (and, originally, Warhammer's) Chaos had a kind of romantic
> tragedy about it. Perhaps this is due to the dualism in Moorcock's
> system? Some of Moorcock's Chaotic characters are quite drawing at
> times and the Warhammer Chaotic characters seem to be of this school.

I think you are probably right here.
> I don't tend to see this in Gloranthan Chaos, perhaps because in
> Glorantha Chaos is just Wrong Wrong Wrong in so many of the cultural
> narratives.

I'd only say that "Wrong, wrong, wrong" is an understatement.
> Have I been looking at it wrong?

No. Your sight is right.
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