Re: How best to learn about God Learners

From: Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_aVDkzLvDU5-dXln8qFxz3wfeGJJAdtzk_TAJfsmLrcY24GO4XCLTGmSufeVs-ErKivZoaO>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 01:08:02 +0100

ttrotsky2 wrote:
> If a god is really dead dead dead (like, say, Vadrus) then you're
> pretty much stuffed as far as getting regular magic from them goes. On
> the other hand, you might find a god that everybody thought was dead,
> or had just plain forgotten about, and bring the worship of that back.

Arguably, the only 'person' to manage that trick was Teelo Estara herself, resurrecting herself, and she needed the complete support of First Blessed to do it. And even then she was a hair's breadth from failure.

IIRC, it is hinted that the Hero Wars will bring the resurrection of Genert (dead, but sorely missed) by the Praxians, who currently get no magic from him.

I guess that finding a dead or forgotten god that enough people want to worship is difficult in Glorantha: cultures and their worshipped entities have evolved to fit with each other.            

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