Re: Bloodspiller magic?

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_Wqu4lasi13G0IndzGDSuU8Na5-XwQMXrz3QLs8xr-csmO2opMeQ0z42I-GVViaoFegs>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 13:30:22 -0000

Interesting stuff, Peter & others. Sorry about using feats instead of magic. Slip of the tongue, as it were.

I've always assumed that "Bloodspillers" is just a bad-ass name for Jareels cheerleaders. Then again, blood magic is pretty lunar. I'm sure spilling one's own blood is a good way to do "total support" in ritual magic, for instance.

IMO Jareels followers will be women (or at least mostly women), as they will have an easier time emulating a female superheroine, and to make the Lunar's more concretely female-oriented.

Only problem is that Blood Magic tends to be very grim. It brings to mind the maize rites of Honeel, and the bloody excesses of Babeester Gor. Jareel is a supernaturally beautiful creature who is a poetess and known for her skill in healing as well as red handed murder.

Then again, she _is_ a superhero, so maybe the contrast will make her all the more memorable to my players.

I'll have to start looking for good bloodmagic to use... the "huge sword slicing the enemy regiment" stuff doesn't work for me. Jareel and her Bloodspillers are not magical artillery, but an almost unstoppable close combat force to me.


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