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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 16:57:43 +0100

Those are my findings too. Many forget that a good proportion of people who play aren't holding the esoteric gloranthan knowledge that doesn't even serve *us* when it comes to these areas.

I'm running a scenario set in prax for praxian heroes and I asked the players to come up with taboos for their spirits. Three out of 4 are experienced gloranthaphiles and *none* of the 4 knew could come up with the goods.

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Thank you.

I may simply have to start here myself. I find players more willing to do stuff when they can work a list to begin with and then branch out for themselves when they decide that they like the system and want something other than the vanilla they've been working with.

It's good to have a toolkit of some kind to help them on their way.


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