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Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 20:24:14 -0000

I think you will find that the Ivory Plinth is a lot older than Nysalor. Check out the Dawn Age entry for the Ivory Plinth in History of the Heortling People:
Parantikor Bel (Ivory Plinth, Needle, Tusker Tower) Temple village
Between Snakepipe Hollow and the Rockwood Mts. 400 humans
hunter gatherer
Aramites, humans who ride tuskers
Notes: These are human beings, led by Aram Ya Udram, who is the human being serving on the Unity Council. [Later, after Aram's death, during the Second Council, these people turn to worship the darkness demon guardian of their temple, and become the "halftrolls" of later times.] Tall ivory colored tower, a single tusk from gigantic boar. It is among/atop stone buildings. Tower is 400 feet tall, 25 yards around at the base' one entry

> Then, I understand It's official stuff but there is no more official
> stuff wich explains this fact. Is it rigth?
> I conceived it like an old Nysalorian temple. During the first age
> the Aldryami of the Stinking Forest (knowing then as Redroof Forest)
> alied Nysalor and Fougth Arkat from there. Arkat killed almost all
> Aldryami and later on, the Aramites ocuped it.
> Because of the Nysalorian origins it looks like Sanchi Stupa (Madhya
> Pradesh, India) with a two big boar tusk in it, but I would like to
> know if someone has another ideas about it
> Thanks for your response

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