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Sounds like Griselda, written by the incorrigible Oliver Dickinson. Reaching Moon published The Collected Griselda in '93, Issaries published the Complete Griselda in '01.

I'm not sure of the status of either volume at this point, I'm sure Rick can say.

Complete Griselda lists the following Bibliography:

Lucky Eddi - White Dwarf ("WD") 29
Griselda Gets Her Man - WD 30
A Tasty Morsel - WD 41
Shamus Gets a Case - WD 42
Hanufa's Little Sister - WD 43
The Great Chart Caper - Pavis boxed set (or I assume in the Pavis & Big Rubble reprint from Moon Design)
All in the Family - WD 51
Down Among the Dead Men - Different Worlds ("DW") 43 Bad Example - DW 44
Good Advice - DW 45
Holding the Baby - Green Slime 1, Tales of the reaching Moon ("TotRM") 4 Wolfhead's Story - TotRM 2
Serious Money - TotRM 3
This Love Business - TotRM 5
Carving Up Carver - TotRM 6

The Hero Bit - TotRM 7, Gloranthan Visions
Devil's Play - TotRM 8
Worlds Apart - Convulsion Program(me) Book 1992
Griselda Song 1 - Convulsion Program(me) Book 1992 Red Hot - TotRM 9

++All of the above are in Collected Griselda++ ++The items above *and* below are in Complete Griselda++

The Matchmaker - Peoples of Pavis
First Class Protection - Peoples of Pavis Points of View - Tradetalk 8
Griselda the Hero?? - Complete Griselda ("CG") The Trouble with Nephews - CG
Interfereing Uncles have Their Uses (By Michael O'Brien) - CG Different Shades of Red - CG
Respect - CG
The Cradlesnatchers - CG
Griselda: A Brief Biography - CG
A Griselda Songbook - CG
Griselda: a Brief Bibliography - CG
Oliver Dickinson: A Brief Bibliography - CG

Finally, she (and Wolfhead, and members of the gang) appears statted up in Wolfhead's Lair, in the Big Rubble boxed set.

Hope that helps.

great, thanks, now I feel a need to reacquaint myself with the gang... RR
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: Really old stuff...

> Hey everybody! Back in the olden days of the original White Dwarf
> magazine, there was a female fiction character used in Runequest
> examples and short stories. She was supposed to be insanely dangerous,
> able to overcome any opponent, and constantly hunted by merc/bounty
> hunters. Does anyone know the character name and specific magazine
> issues she was in?

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