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On Dara Happans, you'll get a very full picture in the forthcoming 'Dara Happa Stirs'. Right down to clothng.

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> >Hello all
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> >The last couple of months i have bought several of the MRQ books and
> >supplements, i like it. Second age glorantha is fabolous to play in
> >and my players love it, but...
> >
> >After all these supplements and books i still dont know what:
> >*the god learners look like, civilian or military?
> >*the dara happans look like, civilian or military?
> >
> >Do they look roughly like assyrians, greeks, romans, aztec or what??
> >
> >When it comes to EWF and Orlanth there is slightly more information
> >but not near enough
> There are some pictures in "Glorantha the Second Age" Page 58
> for Dara Happens; Pages 10, 17 and 43 for Malkioni; and Page 30
> for Orlanthi. The Orlanthi on page 37 is atypical being a female
> warrior.
> In general terms the God Learners are european medieval, Dara
> Happens are either Ancient Persian or Greek depending on your
> preferences and Orlanthi are Celtic/Viking.
> >And then there is the question how they all behave during military
> >action. Something about tactics please (yes the dara happans use
> >spear a lot but then what?), i mean most of the supplements
> >is "campaign" supplements...
> Dara Happen tactics are based on the Stone Phalanxes, one from
> each of their cities. These are classical Greek phalanxes not
> the later Macedonian ones. Light infantry and cavalry act in a
> supporting role.
> Orlanthi tactics are based on the clan fyrd forming up in a
> shieldwall while individual warriors fight duels with opponents.
> This is described in detail in "Thunder Rebels" which although
> written for Hero Wars is more an Orlanthi source book than a
> rulebook.
> The God Learners are typical medieval armies with knights and
> armoured infantry equipped with spears and polearms.
> Bear in mind that magic has a significant effect on tactics.
> The Orlanthi have flying warriors which their enemies will have
> learnt to counter. How much you want to consider this depends
> on your game.
> >So please someone, can you help me whith looks and behavior of
> >*god learners
> >*EWF
> I don't think you'll get an answer for the EWF as a whole. It
> includes both Dara Happens, Orlanthi and many others. Each of
> them are different. The are some pictures of Draconic mystics
> in the "Magic of Glorantha" book.
> >*dara happans
> >*orlanth
> I hope that helps. I can go into more detail on the military
> side if you want but I tend to drift into my interpretation
> of things rather than anything official.
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