Re: Help with a Daka Fal shaman

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_qenEkRAQd_6W-yYyD24BX_vRpBvSg90jRIajHlrFag4k2nETsJst61fMpMdnHyW_veU>
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 20:57:26 -0000

> >What could an Agimori shaman (who worships the ancestors) do on
> >Great Holy Day taking into account that he is currently under
> >by Duke Raus (i.e. not with his tribe)? What kind of ritual would
he do?

Donald Oddy:
> Animist practices are more individualistic, shamen can do rituals
> on their own and at any time although community support makes
> them easier. The holy days then become a time when it is easier
> to contact the spirits of that particular kind. So I'd suggest
> that's what he/she would be doing - finding spirits, binding them
> into charms etc.

In the case of the ancestors, Holy Days are Family Days. They are when the Shamans call up their ancestors to speak to them, to give them presents, to ward away the bad ancestors and to protect the family.

I wouldn't particularly say this is when shamans make magical items, but it could be when the ancestors give their blessings, so it may be when ancestors can help shamans to make fetishes or charms.

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