Re: Help with a Daka Fal shaman

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_hQ0JYfzbmV-e1Qmqm7CHKfmhf1miwq9P6TBgjOGdfmYCFaAEyZGOkeRPLHzIpfDiwc>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 01:37:46 -0000

> How much relationship is there between location in the mundane world
> and location in the spirit plane? Or the hero plane, the essence
> plane and the god plane for that matter?
> My impression was that there are correspondences which make it easier
> to get to events on these planes if you are in the right mundane place.
> However there is no requirement for this and something like contacting
> ancestoral spirits could be done anywhere in the mundane world. The
> shaman knows where they are on the spirit plane and goes there. At
> worst he may enter the spirit plane in an unfamiliar place but that's
> where the shaman uses the "Spirit World Travel" ability.

In general: I agree with what you said.

In specific:
- There is no relation between _where_ in the mundane world you perform the ceremony, and where you end up in the spirit world. - There is an more-or-less total relation between _what_ ritual you perform, and where you end up in the spirit world. - For any particular ritual, certain places may make the ritual much easier. These could be general holy spots, but can also be specific to the ritual. So in that regard there may be a relation between where the ritual is most often performed or most preferred to be performed and a place in the spirit world

All of the above with the understanding that 'place' and 'spirit world' don't entirely share a sentence comfortably, if I understand properly.            

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